Sharpen Your Hatchet While The World Screams

Thursday, April 26, 2018


Going out to sharpen my hatchet all weekend.

What are you doing?

Tick Tock


  1. planted some early cabbage and onions. built a coldframe , which is now filled to capacity. touched base with my tribe and helped him change some small engine oil. looking into some instructor certification. built some freedom seeds, looking at some unused comms freq around these parts, for the tribe.

  2. planted the need for others to retain the abuility to be capable , to build impromptu water filters.

  3. Range time with new Ruger PC Carbine and other firearms.

  4. Working (again) to duplicate the Black Hills Mark 262 Mod 1 cartridge. Using 24.5 grains TAC, Nosler .224 cal, 77 grain w/Cannelure and Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers. I little hot out of a 16.1" LWRC barrel. Going to try 24.4 grains tomorrow. Trying to keep velocity up.

    1. that should be the correct load, just work it up slowly. remember it is with new brass, not used. you may be at max already.
      the original link is gone, but the screen shot still is there.

    2. in testing tac as a powder , doesn't yield published velocities till, max.

      there is another powder out there. that was reclaimed. they had inconsistant burn rates. you needed a chronograph and really good scales.
      i want to say it was smpc. it was a blended rifle /pistol powder. you needed to cut the max by 15-20% and work up velocity from there. one batch wasn't the same as the next. hence you needed the chronograpg