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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Kidd Rock Together At Last

The Kidd project has been finished. "Well, gee Lawless, what took so long?" That is a complicated story. The factory Ruger receiver had some issues. I guess it would be like trying to build a plow from a piece of sheet metal.

When I got it back together  I noticed that my scope seemed to be sitting off to one side. Some measurements confirmed, the scope rail holes were not drilled in the center of the receiver. The receiver top being rounded, and certainly not on the same radius as the barrel, means that in this scenario the farther out you dial and shoot the farther off windage will be.

This was not a tiny amount, it was off a good bit. While I know things mass produced are likely to have flaws, this was not a joyous moment.

The second issue was the barrel bore was not true but canted the barrel to the side. This as well simply pushed me toward replacing the receiver with something more precise.

I decided to order a Kidd receiver along with their threaded anti-walk pins and 20moa proprietary rail.

Then we found out that my mother has cancer. Full. Stop.

Recently I was able to get the project completed. In the future, receiver integrity will be verified before any other part of a project is begun. The core has to be right, or you will chase accuracy like a ghost.

The receiver from Kidd Innovative Designs is a thing of beauty. It is machined inside and out like a fine tool. The rail fits into a slot on the top of the receiver and all the screws do is clamp it together. In the factory design, the tiny screws hold all the weight of the optic from moving around a smooth rounded surface.

The Kidd bolt which is also beautiful had slid pretty smoothly in the factory receiver but glides like on bearings in this one. The barrel fits so tightly into its bore that it required a large plastic mallet and serious whacking to get it seated. Then aligning barrel to receiver also required some force. This tight fit ensures no barrel droop or problems with the barrel moving. Of course the bore is perfectly true and the barrel is now centered in the stock where before is was off to one side.

Speaking of the barrel, the rifle came with a 20" Kidd non-threaded barrel when I bought it. I had ordered a 16.5" Kidd threaded barrel for it and used it for the final assembly. It is incredibly machined and finished.

This is in a coated hardwood laminate stock by Boyds and is topped with a Primary Arms 4-16x first focal plane mil/mil optic with over 30 mils of elevation travel. With the 20moa rail this combo can get a standard velocity .22lr beyond 300 yards if wind allows. At 300 yards a standard velocity match solid is dropping 140+ inches so lots of dope is required and scopes without tons of travel need not apply.

I have not shot this thing yet. Hopefully I will get is zeroed and humming along this week as I have a get together next weekend where we will be taking .22s out to 300 yards.

I have said before, do not discount a precision .22lr for what is coming. Easy to supress and quiet when you do, accurate, easy to feed and penetrates like few understand with match quality solids.

Quietly impacting an 8" object out of nowhere tends to empower some, dishearten others.

Kidd Rockin.

Edited to add:
I have bolt  .22s and I love bolt guns in general. Bolt guns will be slightly quieter suppressed and this cannot be discounted if absolute stealth is needed. As time has moved on, we have seen the AR platform not just meet, but beat bolt guns in competition. In comps where speed of follow up shots and engaging multiple targets are required.... semi-auto rules. There is a reason battles are not fought with bolt guns any more. Fast follow ups mean more dead enemies  

Not having to shift grip or risk losing sight picture to move a bolt is a force multiplier. Hitting many targets in not much more than a second is reality with a good semi-auto .22.

In .22lr, the 10-22 pattern rules semi-auto accuracy. Can a CZ or Anschutz shoot very slightly better groups than a built 10-22 style rifle? Maybe, maybe not depending on specifics. 

Can a built 10-22 style rifle engage multiple targets with incredible speed and pinpoint precision that makes the best bolt rifle seem ancient? Bet on it. 


  1. I recently watched a vid of a gal shooting an egg, off hand, at 300 yards. There was a camera showing the target area. To me, it seemed like the bullet had close to zero force, as in barely moving the dirt and when hitting the egg there was barely any energy dump. What am I missing here? Is a 22 even any good at this range? You're the expert, and I'm just confused. I think I have a fairly decent heavy barrel bolt rimfire, but haven't considered going past 100 yards. Obviously, longer is better. But at what point are you doing little to no damage? Since my shooting skills are mediocre, I treat even my Enfield as a hundred yard gun, but I love the 22 as ambush and harassment concept. My return on time is far superior with rimfire, so I'd like to extend my normal range there. But I'd like to know where to stop shooting past. I want the round to go deep enough to cause long term casualty.

    1. James, while it is no 5.56 at any range, A 42gr solid with a muzzle velocity of 1095fps (Eley Contact) has around 745fps left at 300 yards. Now granted, this isn't blowing legs off or even chunks out, but in the neck or head....

      Ever mess with shorts or ultra low velocity ammo like CCI Quiet? It is around 750fps at the muzzle. Shoot a few into the medium of your choice to get an idea of what a good solid can do at distance.

      Is the dope extreme? Absolutely. The right equipment and practice are mandatory as well as knowing your load and rifle like your own face. A good FFP mil/mil scope, a canted 20 or 25moa rail and a consistent rifle will get you close. Training and some luck get you the rest.

      300 is a long way but if you know the range, know what you need to dial and make a good shot you will be on... If the wind isn't your enemy.

      Under 150? Easy as a politician lies.

  2. if your looking for that 300 yard shot. we can shim the rear base up ..there was a company near burris of wyoming, that played with this. with out dumping alot of cash on a could go to your local napa and picj up a set of feeler gauges.out line the bases with a exacto knife. then drill out the screw holes.
    i wish i could do the trig and tell you exactly. how much of a wedge, to add.

    i have access to a old mauser 22 training rifle . with iron sights, i've had good hits out to about 250 yards. this is just a slider rear sight, simular to the sks or ak.

    something we should be looking at is lower preassure rounds. that aren't as loud. 308/ 6.5 sweede/ 7-08 /223 bolt guns all heavy barreled

    1. 300BLK is about as good a centerfire suppressed as we have, and compared to 22lr it is loud as hell. Would it perform better on target? Absolutely. Weigh it out and have options.

  3. I also wanted to add, I appreciate and love reader comments. Thanks to everyone who reads here. My hope is that something I have written will help someone in the future.

  4. 22LR is surprisingly powerful. No as said it's not 5.56 or some other centerfire round but still impressive. Iraqvet8888 did a test of 22 against a 1/2" pine board. The US Army says 59 foot pounds of energy is required to pierce that board. A 10/22 shooting 22LR solid bullets at 440 yards still penetrates that board. Not a trivial thing to get shot with.

    Here's a vid IV8888 did on the subject.

    There are a lot of very good reasons to have a well tuned 22LR rifle. That KIDD 10/22 is impressive and a great tool to own.

    Well done Lawless.

  5. Any love for that extra heavy Aquila 60 grain SSS ammunition ? Some years back, it was a hot topic but I don't hear much about it any more. Needs the 1:9 quick twist barrel though. Any good / bad opinions on that ?

    1. I have used it in testing and it hits very hard, but has been wildly inconsistent in accuracy at 50 yards. It just could not be counted on in any of my rifles for a pinpoint shot.

    2. In the 22 game, match solids at $10-25/box is where its at. I have come to love Eley Contact. It is a 42g solid at just under the sunsonic threshold. Very consistent for me and the extra 2 grains do matter.

    3. Much obliged for the reply Lawless. That Eley Contact sounds like good stuff. I sure wish my crystal ball wasn't on the fritz - I could have purchased target ammunition before the drought hit much easier.

      My bolt gun of choice is the CZ 452 and its parent, the Brno #1 sporter.

  6. check out the video on U-tube of the suppressed ruger American rifle bolt action in 300 blackout...

  7. CPC can re-work the factory parts and does an excellent job very reasonably

  8. If you don't mind and have time could you post images of the scope mount holes in the receiver and how you determined they were not centered?

    1. I basically measured across the top each direction from the center of the hole to the edge of the receiver. It was off so much that you could see it visually.

      I do not have the receiver any longer.

  9. What about a Marlin 796? It doesn't have the upgrades available for the 10-22 because it doesn't need them.

    sorry, my scope won't reach that far for testing.

  10. We shoot wallabies regularly at ranges from a few metres to 200 metres. It is all done on the fly from the back of a pickup truck either off hand or resting on the roof. You mostly have a couple of seconds to make the shot, you are cold and the ergonomics suck. We don't muck about adjusting sights for distance or windage, we just shift our aim to compensate. Far more real world than lying prone on a range with a spotter. Our last effort yielded the beginner of the group roughly 60 1 shot kills, 20 2 shots and 10 where he could not hit the inside of a barn door but thinking about that those were in spots where the wind is really hard to pick at night. Oh and some of those 1 shot kills were on the run at about 50 metres.
    Ammo was Winchester Lazer, which groups ok in the Anschutz bolt action with a 9 power scope. My preference is for CCI Stinger which hits harder and is better for the long shots in a rifle that likes it. The Anschutz doesn't, it sends them all over the place. I had a Ruger 10-22 that loved the stuff, killed hundreds of goats with that. #8 shotgun pellet in the hollow point and shoot them in the neck. Instant mortality, regardless of size. Distances up to 300 metres, on steep country shooting downhill a lot of the time.