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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Four Zero Zero

Our plan for the 10 of us was to dial out to 300 and make solid hits to confirm our ballistic calculators.

We all did this and most of the calculators were close to dead on.

Then, we decided to try for 400 yards. I dialed up 17 mils, which is all my scope travel and held 3.5 mils for about 20.5 mils total.

The wind was swirling, we were in between forest in a narrow corridor of a lane and reading the value was tough.

400 is a long way for a subsonic rimfire.

Mission accomplished.


  1. If that's the Kidd Ruger that's impressive. You done well.

    1. It was with the Kidd, but one of our party was shooting a 20 year old Marlin model 60. He does have a 20 moa rail and an SWFA 10x mil/mil scope on it, but the point is that a good rifle/scope combo can get you out there a good ways. While the Marlin did not hit at 400, it tore up the 300 yard target.

      I have found Eley Contact (42g at 1090fps) to be fantastic. It's $9.99/50 locally to me.

      On another note, at 400 yards, subsonic rimfire is a lot like dropping artillery. It has over 280 inches of drop! My load is still traveling aprox 730fps. Enough to kill? Damn right.

      I guess the point is not to say that a good .22 isn't a death ray, but another option or tool looking for the right situation.

      Yall get out there and try it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting