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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Four Zero Zero part DUX

Ok, now that I am back home and not posting from a tent in remote sandhills, I thought that I would talk a little more about my experience this weekend with 9 other souls. There are a few people who, like me, wanted to put together a tool that could be used for certain situations. 

These tools need to be capable of hitting a critical 8" or so area out to a distance that would seem at first to be fantasy. Most people would tell you that 22lr is a short range tool. I am here to tell you that it can be much much more. 

You can read all about my newest rimfire I call Kidd Rock. It is a very nice aftermarket copy of the Ruger 10-22 design but held to very precise tolerances. 

The goal was a semi-auto precision rimfire that was capable of a consistent 300 yard shot on a 8" target and considerably better at closer distances. 

It has been a success in every way. 

This rifle at 50 yards will stack lead on top of lead. At 100 it will hold well under an inch. At 200 it will hold under 3". At the goal of 300 yards, it is flat deadly on our 8" sized target goal with groups well under our desired size. 

While doing this testing this weekend, we went beyond our goal of 300 yards and began to stretch things out to 400 yards. Now I know that there are folks out there who are going to say "now Lawless, a 22 at 400 yards will bounce off of a mouse's head" or some such. 

Listen to me, a subsonic 22 solid like Contact is still zipping along at around 730 FPS at 400 yards, about 780 at 300. Now I will be the first to tell you, this ain't blowing legs off here. What it will do at these velocities is penetrate a large varmint's skull or neck like a knife. 

As I have said before, watching such a strike from out of nowhere, with no sound, happen to objects around you could be mighty demoralizing.

I Took it all the way to 400 yards with 3 different ammo. Eley Contact, Federal Gold Target 711B and Federal Bulk (for giggles, but it surprised me and some others). The Federal bulk is not subsonic and is a lighter bullet. Most would tell you that accuracy will go to crap as it comes through the transition from supersonic to subsonic. As we found out, theory does not always meet reality. 

Dialed the scope out through 400 based on my ballistic calculator Strelok. Zero was 50 yds. Actual dope was as follows.

Contact was :
100 ^ 2 mils
200 ^ 7 mils
300 ^ 13 mils
400 ^ 20.3 mils

Fed Gold Target was :
100 ^ 2.5 mils
200 ^ 7.5 mils
300 ^ 14 mils
400 ^ 22 mils

Fed bulk 550
100 ^ 1 mil
200 ^ 5 mils
300 ^ 11 mils
400 ^ 18 mils

Some observations...

Wind is hard on .22lr out past 200 yds.

At 400 yards, a subsonic rimfire is dropping 280+ inches! At 300 it is 140+ inches.

A good spotter with a good spotting scope is essential to get the data to make accurate corrections and find your actual dope. 

Writing down the conditions and your dope dialed is mandatory and will be invaluable later in use. 

400 yards is a LONG way for .22, 300 is out there. Both are doable and make you feel like a million bucks when you find your hold and put em on steel.

This is TONS OF FUNNN! It will be a serious skill to possess later on, count on it.

400 yards. Probably not gonna be doing head shots that far, but it does show you that the lowly rimfire has harrassing potential at that distance. 

Once the dope was found, even the bulk ammo was on target. 14 hits in a row after the correct hold was found. 

"why does this Lawless feller keep on and on about farkin 22?"

Because what is coming is going to be a dirty and covert affair. Having this tool is going to be very important to any who plan on being a factor. 

We had people using a Marlin 60 all the way to an Anschutz. All did well and all learned just what you can do with a 22lr. Get yours worked out. Go back and read my posts about the particulars and then put your own tool together. 

Time. Is. Short. 

Tick Tock


  1. Following on from my comments in both the part 1 of this thread and about the lethality of 22 in general I cannot agree with you more.

    Just from a weight and ammo count standpoint 22 is not something to be scoffed at. And you've proven this in spades. My compatriots and I need to get our targets posted at 200, 300 and 400 yards and get busy shooting.

    I own a few 22 rifles. Marlin 60, Marlin 70P Papoose (take down rifle) and custom built AR based 22 with a Taccom 17" tension barrel. That is a tack driver.

    Anyhow, thank you for posting this. You've reinvigorated me to get busy with my 22 rifles.

  2. Beautiful.
    A bonus is the training discipline received with low cost. Can the lessons learned with your .22 exercise translate to larger (more effective) calibers? Very likely.

    1. Absolutely.

      22 at 300 has an almost identical trajectory as 5.56 and 308 at 800.

  3. I've shot rimfire at about half the distance (200 yds) and even that will teach you how wind can affect a bullet impact. My targets were dirt filled milk jugs (yellow) for the record. It is very satisfying walking your bullets to your target. CZ, Brno, and TOZ 78 were the bolt guns used for this. Shooting position was sitting, as too much growth for prone would block the view, especially when missing.

    Thanks for the progress report - looking forward to learning more.

  4. Lawless
    Interesting approach. Tell me about your scope please.

    1. The scope is a Primary Arms 4-16. It is a first focal plane scope with a mildot reticle and 1/10 mil adjustments.

  5. Thanks. I’ve been looking at PA scopes with great interest. You post helps with the decision. I have an old bolt action 22 that needs some attention

  6. Good article, thank you. The vertical stringing you see on your first target photo is a result of poor velocity control found in cheap/mediocre ammo. Many ammo types shoot fine at 50 yards, but when you extend the range, you place a huge burden on the consistency of the ammo. By going to premium, match grade grade ammo, such as RWS, Ely, etc., you can close up that huge vertical dimension on your long range groups. I was a long range shooting instructor and have been shooting .22 out to 400 for years and found that if you aren't paying $12-15 for a box of 50, your groups will look like that.
    Ed S

  7. I understand what you are saying but I was dialing up as my spotter was watching where the shots were hitting. I used Eley Contact among the 3 ammo types and not surprisingly it was much more consistent.

    The reason we olayed with cheap ammo as well as match was because of a comment one of the guys had made, "you might not always have your pet load".

    Thanks for reading and for the comments. I really appreciate it.

  8. Somebody has been practicing their Israeli crowd control tactics:-) And with a suppressor, this will be Hollywood quiet at 300-400 yards and completely out of sight (as long as good field craft is used).

  9. When I was a boy no one instructed me on range estimation or that .22LR was a 50 yard round. My friends and I regularly shot to 200 with irons. Targets where an old wash basin and a truck brake drum painted orange that I wired to a power pole in a hay field. We thought nothing of it. A lot of woodchucks would be surprised that they aren't really dead from long distance lead poisoning.

  10. Some people might want to read this,

    This is an analysis of 2 to 3000 actual shootings with handguns. If your goal is mere deterrence an attack, it turns out the .22 lr is quite effect, even in short barrel pistols. As to penetrating power, there used to be a YouTube clip showing someone shooting a .22 auto piston at dry wall. The bullets typically penetrated 5 to 6 standard sheets. That from a piston.

    A .22 rifle is a real threat. A .22 mag might be better, but some people question its accuracy.

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  12. What brand are those targets, I may need to pick some up to put in our backyard?

    1. I honestly do not know. They were part of the range we rented for the weekend.


  14. What do you recommend for a good spotting scope?

  15. Where is the next chapter of Dead Reckoning, not comming as easy as you thought. Very good chapters One through Five, but I can't find chapter Six through whatever?.???? Ok. I'm a smartass what can you do?..?..?..??