Sharpen Your Hatchet While The World Screams

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sound Thinking

"Attacking an enemy you cannot defeat comes from pride, not honor." 

We need to make the battle on our ground, in our time, on our terms. We cannot win anything nationally.

The word "tactical" has been abused and misused but tactics are very important to understand. Likewise, strategy is required to move toward any goal.

The "community" of Liberty minded people has simply been either "going nowhere" or "thrashing" intermittently in fits and starts.

We have made practically zero difference in the nation of our birth. The collectivist wave has continued to sweep over the land and swallow up everthing in its destructive attack.

We are a number of individuals, not a body of brothers.

Unable to move. Simply watching our land being consumed. How long have we talked and pounded our chests?

Strategy is what we desire to achieve.

Tactics is how we get there.

We could have all the perfect tactics but no strategy and what we end up with is a lot of energy expenditure with little gain.

On the other hand, we can have all of the strategy perfected but no tactics to make it happen and get nowhere.

We can talk and bloviate and bellyache but what we need is a strategy and skills to execute it... or we are simply a blowing wind.

Everything in life requires a strategic plan and the tactical knowledge to make it happen.

"Lawless what are you getting at?"

We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.

Those men knew.


  1. And why were they able to do that? It's because they knew one another on a personal basis...They knew what each other's values and worth was...That's the only way but it will take more effort than most have in them...Sad That...

    1. Yes. Yes it is. We need to understand that they dropped everything and put it all on the line. We have not shown that we have the will to fight it. It kills me bro. I have little hope left.

      Local is all we have. It is where our fights will be.

      Lets get after it. Or not.

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  2. We can only do so much by ourselves Brother which is why we are overwhelmed by the immensity of the task we have before us...

  3. Thank you... Just earned a subscriber.


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  5. Most of them did not, and could not, know each other on a personal basis. The only means of communication was either in person, on foot, by ship, or on horseback. What they had was a shared set of common principles, and a common idea of the rights of free people, and the willingness to fight if those rights were denied or infringed. It might fill a page, but it was enough. Both strategy and tactics were local - figure a five mile radius, two or three hours on foot, maybe one on horseback. No highways, and no paved roads. In the woods, deer trails. It might well devolve to that once again. And definitely no means of electronic communication...
    They did, however, know their neighbors within walking distance, something which is lacking today.

    1. So what your saying is they all signed the Declaration of Independence and they didn't know each other, other than shared principles...The history I've read tells a different story...

  6. Another thing that they didn't have was massive infiltration of their communications and groups by King George's men.

    The Austin, TX bomber investigation should make it clear to everyone the investigation reach and scope of fedgov in the connected world we live in.