Sharpen Your Hatchet While The World Screams

Friday, March 9, 2018

My Frij-a-rater Brings All The Tests By A Tard

And it's like, please fix me I'm warm....
(sung to the tune of that milkshake song)

My 15+ year old GE refrigerator gave ole Lawless quite the fright last night. I walked into the kitchen to fill my Yeti Knockoff 40oz tumbler (Ozark Trail FTW) with crushed ice and my naked foot went into some "used to be ice" on the floor.

Water! Oh Noes!

Soz I open the door to discover my ice is melting and freezer temp is about 40*.


OK, diagnosis man to the rescue. I mean I can fix anytang and have fixed anytang many times in tha past.... sometimes for more $ than if I'd called in a "pro", but what does that matter? A man has to be a man...

Part of being a self sufficient survivalist is being able to fix everything. You gotta dig into it, figure it out and fix it if possible.

I mean, I'm a Ham Radio guy, a 20 year Dealership tech, run my own home improvement business and make my own laundry detergent. I got dis.

Plugged in? Si.

So, compressor noise? None. No runny de Komprezzor.

Temp controls? Set on 8. Wiggled and jiggled.... no noises.

Now this particular icebox is elektronek in that a computer board controls about everything. I open up the cover and do what any man does in these situations.... I wacked on it with a screwdriver.

Still no noises.

At this point, I sound the alarm and Mrs. Lawless and I go into triage mode. Everything gets carted to the garage fridge which is the rusty white relic of the Reagan years we keep sodas and overflow bulk items in. Luckily, we recently decided to stop drinking diet Mt Dew..... again.... And it was pretty empty.

On to the interwebz.

Ok, there seems to be some confusion about GE frigerators in particular if they have the brain board and not mechanical controls. I read and read and read.

Seems the consensus is that it could possibly be....... Just about anything on the unit.

At this point, I began to call on the Lord to heal my ice box because He know Lawless cane't affort no dern new refrigerator rite now cause he been buying guns and ammo and stuff and those zombies ain't gon kill dey dang selfs.

We have about 8000 magnets all over the outside and several trees worth of pictures and papers, I silently wonder if all the magnets caused a wormhole that transported the appliance gremlins here from another dimension to attack my poor old GE.... a quick read about interdimensional gremlins sets me at ease. They don't use magnets to visit other dimensions....

Over and over I read about bad defrost thermostats. But, mine is neither freezing up, nor is it stuck in defrost mode.

I finally find a guy online that suggests that these do not work like most other brands. Seems the "defrost thermostat" is not actually a control, but a safety in these units to keep the defrost element from getting too hot if the brain board were to suffer an aneurysm or advanced old timers disease.

In most others, if the defrost thermostat sticks, the unit will either freeze up or the defrost mode will not turn off. I had neither of these issues. So I had not tested this thermostat which is more accurately called a limit switch.

I also read from this genius guy that the freezer circulation fan and the COMPRESSOR!!! will not run if this switch is open because the brain thinks that the defroster coil is at high temp and it is loathe to circulate warm air in the freezer.

So I unplug the fridge, I grabz me some wire cutters, take a moment to ask for for divine guidance and cut the wires going to the switch and then twist them together to simulate a good switch. It's either this switch, the brain has old timers or..... gasp.... the compressor is burned up.

I plug it in.

Compressor starts right up, circulation fan whirs to life and the crowd goes wild!

Lawless falls to his knees in reverence and has a moment of silence before dancing the mashed potato and that Saturday Night Fever number while listening to the sweet sounds of a working refrigerator.

I find the part on Ebay for 9 bucks shipped. I just leave the wires twisted together for now and go to bed.

I wake up to a cold freezer, cold refrigerator and happy wife.

I move stuff back to the refrigerator side but leave the freezer empty so when the switch arrives I can stick it together quickly without unloading it a again.

I contemplate life sitting here drinking my coffee and think how many people would have gone out this morning and dropped 2 grand on a new unit. I am glad for the interwebz, for some technical ability and for a God who loves Zombie Preparedness.


  1. How long did fridges used to last? 30-50 years? Now you get five to ten. Related. The Old Ladies son in law did a similar song and dance when her Jeep electronics went nutso. The battery kept draining. After many different things, many fuses to unneeded functions were pulled. At the same time the fuel filter got replaced. Still trying to figure out what fixed it. I mean, okay, it's an Italian vehicle-even buying it used she got ripped off. Point being, even a pro doesn't get it right most of the time, and does the same thing. Checking the net and experimenting ( the son in law gets paid to fix mechanical stuff ), you might as well do it even with zero skills. The pro is doing the same, unless he has had the exact problem before.

    1. My Grandmother had a deep freeze she bought new in the 50s that ran perfect until she died and it was sold off as we cleaned up her house to sell it. She had it 50+ years and it never once had a problem other than needing to be defrosted once per year.

  2. Have a 60 plus old beer frigidator and it never needs defrosting, because it is the source for my ice to drop in coolers when needed. Just knock off chunks as needed.
    Beats the hell outten buying store bought ice....

  3. Exactly. I am amazed at how people just either have zero clue or zero inclination to fix anything. Being a tech geek that grew up in a big truck shop I can not only solder in that replacement IC but I can also in frame rebuild an old N series Cummins engine!

    I cannot count how much money I've saved myself over the years by fixing ti myself or making a part to replace something broked.

    Good job Lawless. Now go get me a beer outta that fridge! :-)