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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Kidd Rock Update

Yesterday I by chance saw that Ebay was having a sale by coupon code for 20% off. I seized the opportunity to order another Kidd barrel for the Kidd 22.

I went with the same .920 straight profile in matte stainless but with a shorter length of 16.5". I of course ordered it threaded and with the beautifully fitted Kidd thread protector.

Once this barrel arrives and I install it, I plan to take the 20" Kidd barrel I take off and have it machined and fitted to the Ruger American .22lr bolt action I have posted about here.

There is a gun smith in Michigan who specializes in this swap. He cuts the shank from the barrel, machines a new shank, cuts a new match chamber and extraction groove and fits it all together. There is yet no aftermarket barrels for the Ruger American Rimfire rifles.

I will have it machined to 16.5" and threaded too. A deadly accurate 22 or three will be a very useful thing, don't discount its utility. Easy to supress, easy to feed and penetrates very well with standard velocity solids.

I will post results once all this gets done.

Tick Tock

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