Sharpen Your Hatchet While The World Screams

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


What separates people who are intellectually honest from a dogmatic regurgitating simpleton is the ability to consider ideas that challenge your own with honest curiosity.

This is something collectivism as a whole lacks.

You cannot defeat feelz with facts. If someone says "but I feel..." during a discussion, you cannot win.

People who are unafraid to consider all possibilities are the true leaders.

Things are never black and white. There are way more than two sides and every side has it right and wrong.

Open your mind. A survivalist is not mired by dogma, he considers every possibility. He is not true to a side, he is true to truth and the pursuit of it. He makes decisions that ensure the outcome that meets the mission.

Tick Tock


  1. I in fact see this quite often with gear as well.

    9mm vs. 45....

    5.56 is a poodle shooter....

    Tupperware guns.....

    Chinese products are all junk.....

    People who seek the truth without adopting dogmatic behavior, and who stay adaptable, win.

  2. Amen Brother...I love people critiquing my preps and what I need to have because that gets me that much closer to being ready and I would rather they do it now in peace than waiting til we are in the shit and going well maybe you should of done this or had that...

  3. Well said sir. Education is much easier when you keep an open mind, and no one is old enough to stop learning. Even if you disagree, hearing the argument against your position will change or reinforce your position.

  4. My 'hawk will slice paper and I'm paying attention. At age 70 I likely won't be seeing the things to come though. _revjen45