Sharpen Your Hatchet While The World Screams

Monday, March 5, 2018

Hang Together

While it is normal to have differences of opinion and to discuss and even argue about them, we better be able to put the nuances aside and understand who the enemy is.

We face a foe that will not stop until we stop it. 


I may not like the pesticide politics of my exterminator, but I can damn sure learn to kill bugs from him.


  1. Looking around at the movement I'm beginning to think that most want to hang separately because others just aren't 100 percent aligned with their beliefs...Sad That...

    1. Dogma is more important than common ground. It is indeed what will ultimately be our complete ruin if we cannot align ourselves in big picture commonality.

    2. I don't even know if most could give you what the big picture looks like... There is no common goal it seems like...It's every man for himself and everyone else is a fool or trying to take something from you...Sad state of affairs we are in...