Sharpen Your Hatchet While The World Screams

Monday, March 5, 2018

7oz. Of stability

Stability. Isn't that a nice concept? We all prefer things to be stable from our marriages to our shooting.

The .mil has issued and used the GPS Intl. Grip Pod forward grip/bipod for some time now. The Grip Pod is a vertical forward grip that with a button press becomes a very usable bipod.

These are extremely robust with stainless steel reinforced legs and rugged polymer body. They attach to any picatinny rail to give you a great hand stop and grip as well as provide a stable firing platform when prone or on any surface you rest your rifle on.

When I first became aware of these grips, I though wow that thing is hokey...  After an acquaintance convinced me to try one I was blown away. 

They are about an inch longer than some other full size forward grips, this causes me no problems in use nor does it seem to be in the way or catch on gear. The utility it provides is fantastic. 

I don't grip it like a bicycle handlebar but allow my fingers to wrap around it with my thumb resting along the handguard. It provides a handstop that is repeatable for training. 

I have been running one for a good while and recently bought 2 more, one for the wife's carbine and one for my SW-15 22lr trainer.

"But Lawless, why should I put this thing on my carbine? I don't even like grips up front. "

Let me tell you why. Try this, while wearing your plate carrier or chest rig along with your assault pack and weapon, sprint 100 yards and then flop down into prone and put some rounds on paper or steel at 200 yards. 

I don't care who you are or how long you have been shooting, you will do it faster and with better hits with a Grip Pod. Simply press the button and your bipod springs out into position and you can make your hits without seeing your pulse in your optic or sights or having a sight picture that looks like a scene from The Blaire Witch Project.

I find these on different forums as well as Ebay for as little as $30 for a well used military surplus model. The last one I scored was new in the wrapper for $49 shipped. Be aware fakes are everywhere. If it does not say GPS Systems Grip Pod on the side near the top, it isn't real. 

Every advantage you can afford that does not compromise the function of your weapon should be utilized so that when the time comes we can be as effective as possible. Separate bipods are not really something we can use in combat but the Grip Pod is a viable alternative. 

The GPS Grip Pod is a military proven and super durable addition to your rifle that makes hits under stress easier and more accurate. I have been sold on mine for a couple of years and I recommend you try one out as well. There are new versions out with extendable legs now as well as more streamlined appearance versions although I have seen neither on the surplus or used market.

Sharpen your Hatchet. 

Time is short

Tick Tock


  1. Thanks, I hadn't heard or seen these before. Definitely on my list of accessories to add to my AR.

    1. Good deal June, begin looking on ebay and I'm sure you'll find one. Thanks for reading.

    2. I did find one on eBay, though not as cheap as you did, but new in package and much cheaper ($89) than any other source I found. Doesn't look like I'll have it in time for weekend range test.

    3. Great, once you get used to it you will love it.

    4. Woohoo! Received today, the product was as you described with the correct markings and bolt. Weekend range time with new AR accessory, just in time to use with newly acquired ACOG.

  2. We run them as well. The extra weight is the price for more stability while shooting under stress...