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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Reality Check

This post is going to be a bit personal. It may however help someone who is going through something similar.

I have been prepping and preparing with the same 2 other families for a decade. We have been very close, like family but...

Something has been off for a good while. It has been increasingly hard to get everyone together for almost any purpose. Training opportunities have been given to us only to end up with us passing on them because we simply could not get everyone to commit. Because of other things going on in life we failed to capitalize on some terrific potential learning.

Increasingly it seemed that my wife and I were the serious ones, the folks trying to herd cats so to speak. Again and again our own progress in what we needed was hampered because of schedule conflicts and other commitments by our partners.

This year I have committed to prepping me. Along that vein I realized we needed to get out in the open what we felt and see what was the will of the others involved. I called a meet for this purpose.

We laid it all out. It did not go the way I had hoped.

People who we believed were just as committed as we were to continue toward building a resilient tribe relocated at property already secured have lost their desire. They have lost their sense of urgency. They have succumbed to normalcy bias. Living in this false reality has taken priority away from preparing to live a more primitive and self sufficient life. They were honest and we appreciated it but...they simply are not going to be the people we continue building with.

So today I feel a little like I've been slapped back a decade.

Yesterday I thought I had it figured out. Today I am trying to get a grip on the new reality.

My wife nor I slept well. This morning she stated flatly "we have a lot of decisions to make" and added "what do we do?"

I don't know.

What I do know is that this changes my personal goals not one tick. We are still on a countdown to moving our family to the lifestyle we want. We are still on a mission to learn all we can, acquire what we need and be ready to weather all storms. We just won't be doing that with the now broken tribe we have had for many years.

It is disappointing, but not devastating.

This is too important to have to herd people. Too critical a commitment to have to try and pull people along. Everyone gets tired and needs encouragement and that is part of tribal life but once you have realized that other's hearts are no longer in it, it is time to check yourself. YOU are the only person you can control. YOU have to make a decision.

A man I know and trust told me a while back that he had been a part of 6 prepper groups and that all had fell apart. This is a serious man. He already lives a sustainable lifestyle. He is building his family's survivability daily. He knows he needs bodies and people he can trust but like many people it seems finding those committed souls is harder than it first appears.

I have a few years worth of investment that was not wasted but definitely could have been much better utilized. We could have been much further along and closer to the life we need.

The point?

I should have done this reality seeking mission at least 2 years ago. At the first sign of an issue I should have laid it all bare and demanded answers and honesty. Instead I hoped.

Where are you at with your tribe? What are their true goals? Are you having to drag them along? Are you having to be dragged?

Today is when you need to address it. Time is wasting and every day you wait is a one more day you are not making the progress you owe to your family.

Honesty and plain talk is what is required here, not beating around bushes. While personal relationships make us loathe to look at our tribal health with a critical eye, we owe it to ourselves and our family to do it. If you are the one waffling then you owe it to the others to be honest and either step up or step back. If you see that others are losing their desire, you owe it to yourself to confront it.

Now is not the time for an extended breather.

Time is so short.

Tick Tock.


  1. Someday, perhaps too soon for all of us, those other families will be seeking you out and begging for your help to survive.

    I've about given up finding like minded people who can see where the rapid decline of civilization is going and want to band together to prepare a place, the needed equipment, the supplies and do the training.

    1. People, even really good people...woke people....are suffering from normalcy bias. It is a very real condition. People get so used to the way the illusion works that to imagine and prepare for a bad turn becomes almost psychologically impossible.

      I have been formulating an alternative plan. It will be tough and depends a lot on things that are far from certain.

      Lone wolves to sub 10 people groups probably will not be viable much over a year, probably less.

      We all need bodies. Moreover we need bodies with sharp minds and a willingness to turn it on when prudent. We can turn it off (hopefully) later.

    2. Well like I've said before your welcome to move to my AO;) It always will be a work in progress for me and I don't look at it like prepping I look at it as building for my future and those of my tribe...Take Care Brother...

  2. Thanks for the response. Read through all your posts yesterday. Good stuff. Especially that link to the Monolithic water filter. Going to buy the stuff to build one. Monolithic not too far from where I'm at..been fascinated with their dome buildings for a couple of years.

  3. It is frustrating. Just remember, the more you let in, the more risk you run exposing yourself to Quislings. Sippenhaft has been practiced for years here in Amerika by ALL police agencies. They use it as a tool to coerce the innocent and ensnare the guilty. The Leviathan's first order of business, should the SHTF, will be to target those of us who are armed and prepared. Look what happened to firearms owners during Katrina. Bleib ubrig.

  4. Family members and long-term friends (not acquaintances). If you haven't these, then you have nothing.

  5. I don't look at taking care of myself in life as prepping. When I hear the word "prepping" I hear a label not a life style. I have been called or labeled many things through my life. Labels like, prepper, crazy, over the top charlie, cheap charlie, tight wad and many more not so nice ones. The fact is I live my life to take care of me. It is not prepping I do. I would be satisfied with the knowledge that those other families have invested themselves to the degree they have.


  6. Do not rely heavily on others, as one will find that as time goes it becomes evident that they will drift into speaking Swahili while they think you are speaking Wahhabi. Frequencies once synched always seem to drift.
    The future unpleasantness will homogenate those with similar specific gravities. For others...... skim and discard.

  7. The danger is, of course, that those former members of your tribe know the extent of your preparations, where you live, and your daily activities of living. They can and possibly will interdict you when they have missed about 3 meals.

    You will have to develop the mind set to deal with them when, not if, that happens.

  8. It doesn't work because People. That will never change.

    It also doesn't work because of doom fatigue. More than thirty years of doom predictions and so far no doom. No TEOTAWAKI.

    People get tired of it.

    1. This is a life style, most get motivated out of fear and soon fade away when the end does not come. Also you have to remember to have balance and live your life, I have known many who passed on many good things in their lives because they thought the "END" was coming and they did not take advantage of opportunities. We have to remember we live a kind of double life and we need to balance the two. To the author, life is full of people coming and going, get used to it.

    2. That's because people are doing it wrong... Instead building they are hiding, instead of creating they are destroying, instead of growing they stagnating and instead of learning they think they know everything already...Sad That...

    3. Doom fatigue. That's real. I've tried to avoid it by making every preparation for doomsday be dual purpose. Ideally, everything I do makes sense if nothing goes wrong, and still makes sense if everything goes wrong.

      For example, we are developing a big garden because we eat better food that way. If things go bad, at least we eat. We live in a small town whitopia that's pleasant and low crime in good times. It should be less exciting than the big city 100 miles away in bad times. We are getting out of intangible investments like stocks, bonds and bank accounts, and getting into tangibles like income property and heavy equipment. I'll be happy if doomsday never comes, and I'll be able to keep going if it does.


    corrected acronym.

  10. I second that change of plan for the group. Kids grow up adding tension and stress on the logic of the plan. Jobs start up and close down, people move on, new networking trails have to be chased and secured. Vehicle maintenance, home maintenance, school supplies, college boards, SATs, changes in diets and added costs medications for getting older/injured or old injuries that crop up over time.
    It is difficult to renew motivations.
    Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch has a quick video about how to deal with Liberals. Sadly, the same principle applies to the good guys too.

  11. Good article...I've seen and lived thru the same. People, being people, come and go. As a "herder of cats" I get frustrated too...I'm over it. I've got one other family, people on the periphery, that are training with me and "prepping", for now, will have to be brought up to speed if WROL happens. I'm tired of herding!

  12. Many people began to relax after Trump was elected and think everything is going to be OK. He DID save us from a Hillary disaster, but we still face all kinds of problems one man can't solve. The Muslims still want a worldwide caliphate and will not stop. Look at the progress they have made taking over Europe. We need to be prepared against that, if nothing else. Please continue preparing. The family will rush to you when they need to, and casual friends will be only a drag and no help. Keep your group small. Keep learning. Knowledge weighs nothing.

    1. Just a word of advice if you want to actually be prepared to defend against the Moslems then you better have more fighters than a small group or your going to be overran... Please start thinking and planning realistically or your going to be eaten alive...Sad That...

  13. Neighbor down the road was one of my "tribe". He suddenly died. His wife and kid just had an estate sale this past weekend. The house will probably go up for sale soon. Who knows who will move in, now?