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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

On Being "That Guy"

Let me tell you about my neighborhood. Around here lives mostly middle class folks from middle age to older. I have lived here first as a child and then as a married young man and now as a curmudgeon at close to the half century mark.

Our area is quiet usually with no real issues. There have been some events that caused quite a stir and a few I was right in the center. What I have here, all around me, is much more than where I live. This is MY neighborhood. I treat my neighborhood as much more than just the place I live, I treat it like my investment.

I make it my business to know what is going on. I ask questions, I keep in contact with my neighbors and I ask them to keep a watch at my place. I keep a watch on their places as well and I let them know when something is off. We have that arrangement and nobody gets upset or indignant when called to inform about something they should know.

This isn't being nosey or prying into other's business, it is being a neighbor and a friend. I began setting that tone early once I was an adult. I knew these people around me as a boy and now as a man. I simply got engaged, asked them to be engaged and together we have done some remarkable things.

I have permission and am encouraged to be on their property if need be and I give it in return. I have ran off a few folks who were not supposed to be around and have had to defend property a few times with some hard choices. Taking a stand for your neighborhood used to be a given, now it's a rare thing.

In today's world most people don't have any relationship with those living around them. This is a serious tactical error for anyone who believes in preparedness and self defense.

My neighbors, especially the older ones, depend on me. I cut grass, I get up leaves, I scrape snow, I help in any way I am able. What have I purchased with this time?

They are on my side. They are an extension of my circle. They will have my back in whatever way they are able because I have had theirs. They know I am a responsible and level headed asset to their lives.

I want to encourage you to be "that guy" in your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors. Do random acts of kindness and work to help them with no expectation of payment or even a thank you. What you may gain is far more valuable than any time spent being a good ambassador for your family.

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  1. I had no neighbors and liked it that way. Then some douche paid big bucks to extend the power line and they all came pouring in, flies to the turd. Put on airs as they were special and had grid power. I want to make nice with these Johnny Come Lately types? Not a chance. Most peoples neighbors are worse. I envy you your Leave It To Beaver enclave, however ( I'm not doubting it takes a lot of work and investment-I'm saying most people aren't worth that ).

  2. Don't mind Lord Bison - He's the neighbourhood grouch

    I can't wait to read the rest of your blog