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Saturday, February 24, 2018

On Being Gray

Many people in the Patriot community seem to have a need to advertise their beliefs with all manner of things in public and at home. I see it quite often, tactical BDUs and assault boots, camo shirts of various patterns, stickers all over their vehicles and the all too important tac cap with patch.

While at a match or other certain activities there is nothing wrong with any of this (except the stickers...) but while out in the general public we may be making an error that could compromise our security.

Being the gray man is wiser.

When out getting groceries, dressing more sensibly in some jeans, sneakers and a Tshirt is smarter than looking like someone from SWAT magazine. Being able to fade into the masses, not standing out and not having anything that really makes you easily identifiable all fall under the Gray Man Philosophy.

All those Glock and DTOM stickers on your truck serve to make it a target. Theft is a real possibility as many people leave firearms in vehicles. Also, in today's climate, it could mean a nice keying down the side or a flattened tire from some social justice warrior.

I know, you want to express yourself. You want to be loud and proud about your gun rights.

Listen, nobody's mind was ever changed about serious social issues because of a sticker or Tshirt.

Look, we all like go fast stuff and cool clothing, just realize that truly dangerous people don't advertise.

Your choice of course.

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