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Friday, February 2, 2018

Magpul GL Enhanced Magwell

Recently I was made aware of a product from Magpul that is simply amazing in its simplicity and function. If you own a 3rd or 4th gen Glock you need a Magpul GL Enhanced Magwell for it.

These little hunks of polymer and brass are designed to help get magazines into your Glock faster but do it without being obnoxious or getting in the way of actually carrying the pistol.

I recently started participating in IDPA shooting. If you have never visited a match what are you waiting for? Shooting under the simulated stress of a timer in the fun and sometimes goofy scenarios of IDPA is a fine way to test yourself and equipment before it is for keeps in some dark parking lot.

One thing IDPA forces you to face is magazine changes. No matter the gun used, the rounds per mag are limited to 10 for most stages. Us Glock guys, ever confident in our magazine capacity, learn quickly that magazine changes are not just for 1911 shooters.

Getting the gun and magazine into your "work space", right in front of your face, is important and practice makes perfect. Most of us practice shooting but fewer are practiced in mag swaps (not to mention shooting on the move). Fumbles happen. It is bad enough when it happens on a stage or range but happening in a real deal fight could be deadly.

Magwells are not just for race guns any more. The Gen 5 Glocks have a flared magwell from the factory and recently Magpul has created a magwell that is thin and super light but an invaluable aid in getting the magazine home every time.

The video is hilarious (taxation is theft) but the product is serious. I ordered one for my and my wife's 4th Gen Glock 19s and after installing them I am sold. They slide on and secure with a supplied allen head cap screw and once installed are as solid as if they were an integral part of the pistol. They make the old grip plugs obsolete by utilizing that space as part of the funnel while giving the trigger parts the same protection from dirt. 

An added benefit of installing one of these on a G19 is that it adds a little more grip for us folks with large hands. Not so much a factor for Mrs. Lawless but I certainly appreciate it and the difference cannot be overstated. I grip the pistol better with this in place. 

I have seen my mag changes in practice become markedly faster and my confidence has gone up which makes the whole process better. It seems to suck mags into the gun with precision. Using them under stress will make a difference in speed and we all know speed/accuracy is what wins gunfights. 

For the $22ea shipped I paid these are a no-brainer. 
Well played Magpul, well played indeed. 

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