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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Kidd Rock

For reasons.... I decided I needed a .22lr that would be the base for a project that would meet several specific criteria. This rifle would need to be capable of hunting, winning matches as well as putting lead into a hat at up to 300 yards once the balloon goes up. Don't question me as to this criteria, just come along for the ride and buckle up sweetie. The Hoppes and tinfoil is included on this trip so, if you're ready......

My brother-from-another-mother has birthed into several of us the desire for accurate and capable rimfire rifles. I have wanted a CZ 455 Tacticool or Precision Trainer for a good while and my first inclination was to just go ahead and get one. I mean, everyone knows bolty guns are mo betta.... right?

The .22 demi-god from the far west though began whispering in my ear "semi-auto is a force multiplier" and "10-22s can be hammers with top quality parts".... Before you know it I am looking at 10-22T models. They are $400+ and other than the heavy barrel... Meh. Regular stocks and triggers with questionable barrels that end up being a lottery.

Then, while perusing some in-state classifieds, I saw it. A nicely built 10-22 with all Kidd Innovative Designs internals and their 20" stainless match barrel in a black Boyd's Pro Varmint stock. It was a good price for what was some really expensive stuff. 

I waffled. I could get a 455 Tacticool for less...

"... force multiplier..."

I contacted the guy again and told him to mail it to me. 
He obliged and it got here today. 

It. Is. Magnificent.

I will update the thread as I glass it and shoot it. 
I have high hopes for this thing. Its name is ForMul 1.0

So another project is in the works, I bought another .22. This one however is not at all ordinary or cheap. This was a benchrest gun that was owned by someone who got out of that game. All Kidd Innovative Designs components except the factory Ruger receiver. It sits in a Boyds Pro Varmint stock, aluminum block bedded with rear tang bolt and has an EGW 20MOA scope base to make use of the 20" stainless Kidd Match Barrel. It has less than 1000 throught it, has shot one hole 50 yard groups and 6" steel at 300+ for giggles. 

I am working on glass and other finishing touches. Stay tuned for more updates. 

If you do not understand the importance of .22lr in a bad event consider the utility, the ease of suppression and ability the lowly cartridge has to penetrate. 

Read this while you're at it.

Then in the 1990s the Russians noted that Chechen snipers were effectively using .22 LR (long rifle, them little bullets kids use to hunt squirrels and rabbits with) weapons. Inside towns and cities, the .22 LR sniper was very effective, especially since the Chechens would improvise a very workable silencer by putting a plastic bottle on the end of the rifle's barrel, with a hole in the bottom of the barrel for the bullet to exit. Using a cheap scope, Chechen snipers were very deadly at ranges of less than a hundred meters. Such ranges were pretty common in built up areas. And since you usually did not hear the shot (to the head or face, of course), you had a hard time finding the shooter.
Having suffered from these low tech .22 caliber Chechen snipers for ten years, the Russians have come out with their own professional .22 LR sniper rifle, the SV-99. This is a little heavier (at 3.8 kg/8.3 pounds) than your usual .22 LR rifle but is built for professionals. It has a heavier barrel, a bipod, silencer, and scope. It's a meter (39 inches) long and can accept five, eight, or ten round magazines. There is a compartment in the butt stock for two five round magazines. With the SV-99, at a hundred meters, a skilled shooter can consistently put all rounds in a 12mm (half inch) circle. This is a specialist weapon, most likely used by commandos. But any trained sniper can quickly adapt to using it. And snipers like not being heard.


  1. Looking forward to your work with this project. I have a 10/22 Target that I'd like to improve, a threaded barrel for one.

    1. I am very fortunate to have a great gun shop down the road where quality machine work like barrel threading is very affordable. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. I have almost been tempted to try a 10/22 that is souped up. But I have found the right ammunition for my Remington 597 and am more than satisfied with it's performance. The CCI mini mags in .22LR HP copper plated work very well. This rifle and ammo is "out of the box" and I avoided all the additional expense. I like the fact that the bolt slides on a two rail system rather than Rugers one rail.

    Go ahead, call me a heretic. This package works very well without all of the expensive upgrades.

    1. My BIL has a heavy barreled 597 and it is indeed a great shooter. Try some Eley Contact in it.

  3. Price of .22 keeps walmart

    1. I used to buy a box of 550 Federal bulk every week. It's back now and is $19.99. Great for squirreling back.