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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hail To The Chief

I have been using kydex holsters for years. Plastic has proven to be durable and comfortable but sometimes.... 

A man sometimes has a yearning for finely tooled leather with perfect stitches, beveled edges and that smell. The smell of leather is one of those things that is hard to put into words but if you know it, I don't need to describe it anyway. 

Chief Jason Holsters started here locally on one of the iterations of Carolina gun forums. He has constantly improved and fine tuned his craft until now he is as fine a tooler of leather as there is. I contacted him a little while back and asked for a standard cant pancake holster and a horizontal magazine carrier in antique brown. 

The finished product is simply stunning. The stitches are perfect. The lines and cuts are without flaw. The fit, while tight, is right where a new holster should be. The leather used is stiff, really stiff, and is exactly what you want in a carry holster to keep it close to your body. 

If you are looking for a quality piece of leather to carry your EDC,  I heartily recommend Chief's gear as a quality option that is fairly priced and exquisitely made.

You can contact Jason via Ebay @

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