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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Adventures in Rimfire

It is no secret that of all the cartridges in the world I love .22lr more than all the others. There is absolutely no way that it could ever be counted the number of .22lr shots I have taken. I used to burn up a Federal 550 box on a sunday afternoon with buddies weekly.

I have had some great ones, a few 10-22s and Marlins... my SW 15-22 for training AR drills... My dad's Springfield...

A good .22 or ten should be in everyone's prepping plan.

A while back I bought a Ruger American Rimfire at my local gun store. It was to be my new squirrel slayer as Squirrel Killa (my Marlin 81 bolt) was plain worn out. The rifle has a lot going for it, easy to fix trigger, 10-22 mags and it was threaded.

It shot ok out of the box. Easily minute of squirrel and my old standby, CCI Quiet Segmented was fairly accurate in it. I put another 4X Bushnell rimfire scope on it and I had in my mind to just leave it alone and be happy.

Well, as is often the the the case, "More's Disease" began to take over. I decided that I did not like the 18" barrel and 2" can make some difference in handling. I contacted my LGS and asked Rob about cutting the barrel to 16" and re-threading it for me.

Rob took my action and barrel into his skunk worx and in a few days I had a 16" long barrel and a perfectly cut crown with absolutely square threaded muzzle. I pulled out the Krylon Dual Bond camo paints and put some color on the stock.

Squirrel Killa 2.0 is born. I should be happy with it, leave it as is.... Right?

To be continued....

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