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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Adventures in Rimfire Pt 5

Shot a little yesterday in the back yard and with the new glass on the Ruger American Rimfire we saw a new best group of  .116

With the zero set at 25 yds, I decided to zero the turrets by removing them and reinstalling them back at the "zero" mark on the dial.

I watched this video about a zero stop and decided to see if I could get close to my "zero" mark with washers. I was able to get within 5 (1/2 mil) so I called it good. I used 2 regular 5/16 steel washers and it simply worked out.

What this means is if I have the elevation turret cranked out to some longer range and want to quickly go back to my 25yd zero, I just crank the dial down until it stops, then back off about 1/2 mil to my "0" on the dial. It simply makes it quick to go back down without over running past my preferred zero, no serious looking or concentration required.

Turret dial removed

Washers added

Everything back together and dialed down until it 
stops against the zero stop shims

Turned back 5 to "zero" 

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