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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Four Zero Zero part DUX

Ok, now that I am back home and not posting from a tent in remote sandhills, I thought that I would talk a little more about my experience this weekend with 9 other souls. There are a few people who, like me, wanted to put together a tool that could be used for certain situations. 

These tools need to be capable of hitting a critical 8" or so area out to a distance that would seem at first to be fantasy. Most people would tell you that 22lr is a short range tool. I am here to tell you that it can be much much more. 

You can read all about my newest rimfire I call Kidd Rock. It is a very nice aftermarket copy of the Ruger 10-22 design but held to very precise tolerances. 

The goal was a semi-auto precision rimfire that was capable of a consistent 300 yard shot on a 8" target and considerably better at closer distances. 

It has been a success in every way. 

This rifle at 50 yards will stack lead on top of lead. At 100 it will hold well under an inch. At 200 it will hold under 3". At the goal of 300 yards, it is flat deadly on our 8" sized target goal with groups well under our desired size. 

While doing this testing this weekend, we went beyond our goal of 300 yards and began to stretch things out to 400 yards. Now I know that there are folks out there who are going to say "now Lawless, a 22 at 400 yards will bounce off of a mouse's head" or some such. 

Listen to me, a subsonic 22 solid like Contact is still zipping along at around 730 FPS at 400 yards, about 780 at 300. Now I will be the first to tell you, this ain't blowing legs off here. What it will do at these velocities is penetrate a large varmint's skull or neck like a knife. 

As I have said before, watching such a strike from out of nowhere, with no sound, happen to objects around you could be mighty demoralizing.

I Took it all the way to 400 yards with 3 different ammo. Eley Contact, Federal Gold Target 711B and Federal Bulk (for giggles, but it surprised me and some others). The Federal bulk is not subsonic and is a lighter bullet. Most would tell you that accuracy will go to crap as it comes through the transition from supersonic to subsonic. As we found out, theory does not always meet reality. 

Dialed the scope out through 400 based on my ballistic calculator Strelok. Zero was 50 yds. Actual dope was as follows.

Contact was :
100 ^ 2 mils
200 ^ 7 mils
300 ^ 13 mils
400 ^ 20.3 mils

Fed Gold Target was :
100 ^ 2.5 mils
200 ^ 7.5 mils
300 ^ 14 mils
400 ^ 22 mils

Fed bulk 550
100 ^ 1 mil
200 ^ 5 mils
300 ^ 11 mils
400 ^ 18 mils

Some observations...

Wind is hard on .22lr out past 200 yds.

At 400 yards, a subsonic rimfire is dropping 280+ inches! At 300 it is 140+ inches.

A good spotter with a good spotting scope is essential to get the data to make accurate corrections and find your actual dope. 

Writing down the conditions and your dope dialed is mandatory and will be invaluable later in use. 

400 yards is a LONG way for .22, 300 is out there. Both are doable and make you feel like a million bucks when you find your hold and put em on steel.

This is TONS OF FUNNN! It will be a serious skill to possess later on, count on it.

400 yards. Probably not gonna be doing head shots that far, but it does show you that the lowly rimfire has harrassing potential at that distance. 

Once the dope was found, even the bulk ammo was on target. 14 hits in a row after the correct hold was found. 

"why does this Lawless feller keep on and on about farkin 22?"

Because what is coming is going to be a dirty and covert affair. Having this tool is going to be very important to any who plan on being a factor. 

We had people using a Marlin 60 all the way to an Anschutz. All did well and all learned just what you can do with a 22lr. Get yours worked out. Go back and read my posts about the particulars and then put your own tool together. 

Time. Is. Short. 

Tick Tock

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Four Zero Zero

Our plan for the 10 of us was to dial out to 300 and make solid hits to confirm our ballistic calculators.

We all did this and most of the calculators were close to dead on.

Then, we decided to try for 400 yards. I dialed up 17 mils, which is all my scope travel and held 3.5 mils for about 20.5 mils total.

The wind was swirling, we were in between forest in a narrow corridor of a lane and reading the value was tough.

400 is a long way for a subsonic rimfire.

Mission accomplished.

Thursday, April 26, 2018


Going out to sharpen my hatchet all weekend.

What are you doing?

Tick Tock

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Kid Rock Update

I have a winner.

It will put one on top of the other if I take the time...

It will put 10 into 1/2" as fast as I can squeeze the trigger.

It has 16+ mils of up left in the scope from 25yd zero so 300 yards is easily doable as far as having enough dial.





Tick Tock

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Kidd Rock Together At Last

The Kidd project has been finished. "Well, gee Lawless, what took so long?" That is a complicated story. The factory Ruger receiver had some issues. I guess it would be like trying to build a plow from a piece of sheet metal.

When I got it back together  I noticed that my scope seemed to be sitting off to one side. Some measurements confirmed, the scope rail holes were not drilled in the center of the receiver. The receiver top being rounded, and certainly not on the same radius as the barrel, means that in this scenario the farther out you dial and shoot the farther off windage will be.

This was not a tiny amount, it was off a good bit. While I know things mass produced are likely to have flaws, this was not a joyous moment.

The second issue was the barrel bore was not true but canted the barrel to the side. This as well simply pushed me toward replacing the receiver with something more precise.

I decided to order a Kidd receiver along with their threaded anti-walk pins and 20moa proprietary rail.

Then we found out that my mother has cancer. Full. Stop.

Recently I was able to get the project completed. In the future, receiver integrity will be verified before any other part of a project is begun. The core has to be right, or you will chase accuracy like a ghost.

The receiver from Kidd Innovative Designs is a thing of beauty. It is machined inside and out like a fine tool. The rail fits into a slot on the top of the receiver and all the screws do is clamp it together. In the factory design, the tiny screws hold all the weight of the optic from moving around a smooth rounded surface.

The Kidd bolt which is also beautiful had slid pretty smoothly in the factory receiver but glides like on bearings in this one. The barrel fits so tightly into its bore that it required a large plastic mallet and serious whacking to get it seated. Then aligning barrel to receiver also required some force. This tight fit ensures no barrel droop or problems with the barrel moving. Of course the bore is perfectly true and the barrel is now centered in the stock where before is was off to one side.

Speaking of the barrel, the rifle came with a 20" Kidd non-threaded barrel when I bought it. I had ordered a 16.5" Kidd threaded barrel for it and used it for the final assembly. It is incredibly machined and finished.

This is in a coated hardwood laminate stock by Boyds and is topped with a Primary Arms 4-16x first focal plane mil/mil optic with over 30 mils of elevation travel. With the 20moa rail this combo can get a standard velocity .22lr beyond 300 yards if wind allows. At 300 yards a standard velocity match solid is dropping 140+ inches so lots of dope is required and scopes without tons of travel need not apply.

I have not shot this thing yet. Hopefully I will get is zeroed and humming along this week as I have a get together next weekend where we will be taking .22s out to 300 yards.

I have said before, do not discount a precision .22lr for what is coming. Easy to supress and quiet when you do, accurate, easy to feed and penetrates like few understand with match quality solids.

Quietly impacting an 8" object out of nowhere tends to empower some, dishearten others.

Kidd Rockin.

Edited to add:
I have bolt  .22s and I love bolt guns in general. Bolt guns will be slightly quieter suppressed and this cannot be discounted if absolute stealth is needed. As time has moved on, we have seen the AR platform not just meet, but beat bolt guns in competition. In comps where speed of follow up shots and engaging multiple targets are required.... semi-auto rules. There is a reason battles are not fought with bolt guns any more. Fast follow ups mean more dead enemies  

Not having to shift grip or risk losing sight picture to move a bolt is a force multiplier. Hitting many targets in not much more than a second is reality with a good semi-auto .22.

In .22lr, the 10-22 pattern rules semi-auto accuracy. Can a CZ or Anschutz shoot very slightly better groups than a built 10-22 style rifle? Maybe, maybe not depending on specifics. 

Can a built 10-22 style rifle engage multiple targets with incredible speed and pinpoint precision that makes the best bolt rifle seem ancient? Bet on it. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


I know that there have been many posts on the subject, but I was recently reminded just how easily some loose lips can cause problems.

When too many people know details about sensitive information it becomes far more likely that someone will slip up.

What happened to me to trigger this post is trivial in the scheme of things but what if it weren't? There is an old saying that 3 can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead. While I know I have several folks in my circle who I would trust with anything, with bigger circles come far increased risk.

One area I see a big problem is with people posting details and pictures of their prepping activities on social media. Having your "friends" knowing all about your rice and bean collection will end badly in a real deal SHTF.

It should go without saying that posting anything of a more sensitive nature should never be posted on any media at all. Don't text about it, snapchat it, email it or talk on the phone about it. Period.

Keep a low profile. Don't brag. Keep your mouth shut.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Just Who Is That Man In My Mirror?

Because I have been sitting so much with my mother in her illness, I have had a lot of time to ponder some things. To look deeply at myself. I asked myself some hard questions, examined what I believe and maybe more importantly, what I am unsure about. Short of you being the terminally ill party, nothing draws out your inner feelings like watching someone you love die.

Humanity seems poised to slide into global despotism. Tyranny and false worship of the collective and its goals seems to be more than just a fad here in 2018. Our system of representative government has utterly failed. What is worse than one royal tyrant? Thousands of them. Our public servants have become our masters, by force and by coercion.

The public at large seems more than willing to allow themselves to be completely enslaved in a system where they exchange their labor, and therefore their very lives, for the chains which will hold them. They actually demand it. Giving power to men and women who despise them and who will use every machination to keep that power. It indeed is like watering the tree that holds up the noose around our necks.

As I have eluded in the past, I believe that individualists are incapable by and large of herd mentality and are more solid in their principles. So we see in the comments at big sites like WRSA, and eloquently explained here...

So we probably will not ever come together like the collectivists do because their nature is the collective while ours is the individual (and then tribal).

Where does this leave us?

In reality, not really in such a bad place.

Read this from NC Scout about how perhaps lots and lots of individuals could really give collectivism a bad time.

Now to the man in the mirror.

What am I willing to do? What are you willing to do?

TL recently opined that the time for words is about done. That we are into nut cutting time. Are we? Are you?

Are you really good with it? It isn't like the movies. I don't think we will feel good, or inspired or even vindicated. I think we will feel hollow. I think our souls will ache and our hearts will dry up. If you enjoy it, what is to come, then I don't want you around me and mine honestly.

We each should be examining ourselves, making peace with the requirements of our position. Hesitation will spell doom, the time for fleshing out your willingness is long before you are faced with opportunity.

Masks are coming down. It isn't a matter of coexistence with these people. Like (i) slam and many other evils, it is come along or be killed.

They mean to convert you, to heal your thinking and if not... they will kill you or imprison you. 

We seem to be waiting for a sign. 

Tick Tock

Monday, March 26, 2018

It's Bad

Update on my mom's condition.

She has stage 4 lung cancer. It has spread to other organs and she is on lots of meds and O2. We have her back at her home, but it is a very hard time.

Nights are aweful.

RX costs are incredible.

At the same time, this land seems to be imploding and communist influence and pop culture are pushing us all toward the darkness.

I covet your prayer.

Eyes forward. Spine straight. Into the breach.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Prayer Request

Tuesday night about 10, I received a call from my sister. She told me that she was going to pick up my mom and take her to the hospital.

She was very short of breath and her face and hands were bluish and cool.

Long story short, I have just gotten home to try and sleep a few hours and I need to be back tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 7am. We all have been awake over 36 hours.

The hospital performed a CAT scan and found that her right lung has a large mass of some sort blocking it completely. It could be a large mass of dry mucous, or it could be advanced cancer. The scan also shows a spot on her liver and it also shows another very scary thing. She has an aortic aneurysm over 9cm. This is huge and could in a blink be deadly.

I do not know what the next few days will hold. A biopsy is scheduled for tomorrow and we will hopefully have a better idea of everything by the weekend.

If you are a praying person, I ask you to lift up my mother to the Father. Her name is Betty.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sound Thinking

"Attacking an enemy you cannot defeat comes from pride, not honor." 

We need to make the battle on our ground, in our time, on our terms. We cannot win anything nationally.

The word "tactical" has been abused and misused but tactics are very important to understand. Likewise, strategy is required to move toward any goal.

The "community" of Liberty minded people has simply been either "going nowhere" or "thrashing" intermittently in fits and starts.

We have made practically zero difference in the nation of our birth. The collectivist wave has continued to sweep over the land and swallow up everthing in its destructive attack.

We are a number of individuals, not a body of brothers.

Unable to move. Simply watching our land being consumed. How long have we talked and pounded our chests?

Strategy is what we desire to achieve.

Tactics is how we get there.

We could have all the perfect tactics but no strategy and what we end up with is a lot of energy expenditure with little gain.

On the other hand, we can have all of the strategy perfected but no tactics to make it happen and get nowhere.

We can talk and bloviate and bellyache but what we need is a strategy and skills to execute it... or we are simply a blowing wind.

Everything in life requires a strategic plan and the tactical knowledge to make it happen.

"Lawless what are you getting at?"

We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.

Those men knew.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


What separates people who are intellectually honest from a dogmatic regurgitating simpleton is the ability to consider ideas that challenge your own with honest curiosity.

This is something collectivism as a whole lacks.

You cannot defeat feelz with facts. If someone says "but I feel..." during a discussion, you cannot win.

People who are unafraid to consider all possibilities are the true leaders.

Things are never black and white. There are way more than two sides and every side has it right and wrong.

Open your mind. A survivalist is not mired by dogma, he considers every possibility. He is not true to a side, he is true to truth and the pursuit of it. He makes decisions that ensure the outcome that meets the mission.

Tick Tock

Monday, March 12, 2018

Knowing Is Half The Battle

Who remembers the old GI Joe public service announcements that featured short life lessons for young people? They would show a good little right and wrong story and at the end would say "now you know, and knowing is half the battle".

I had decided early on that if I began to write here again that I would leave the politics to others and try to focus on skills and tools that Survivalists and Preppers would appreciate. This does not mean that in my personal life I do not study what is happening in the world and use it in my efforts. The reason is that I have no desire to be just another blogger sounding alarms. You already know that things are bad and are going to get much worse or you would not be here. Others are already doing a great job of keeping us all informed and showing the nuances of today's political landscape.

We all are painfully aware that there is a very large portion of the former united states which would go along rather easily with removing semi automatic weapons from legal status. Hell, there is a significant number who would remove all privately owned weapons from legal status. While we can discuss the various ways that this could or could not be accomplished, the facts are that we could very well be criminals for non compliance in the future. This is certainly possible if the house is retaken by collectivists in the upcoming midterms. Another way is by states enacting their own laws similar to what NY did.

This is not going to be a treatise on the "how" it could go or be done. It is not going to be an argument for any certain scenario or possibility. One thing I have seen in the last 20 or so years is that politics and politicians will get onerous things done by hook or crook and the courts nor our body of representation will attempt to block it.

What I want to say here is more about our psychology and our grit than about world leaders and Liberty killing law. More about knowing, and understanding yourself than your enemy. Knowing is half the battle, right?

I see it every day in different circles. Men beating their chests and crowing about how they will shoot gun grabbing LE and feds in the face if they announce a ban on ownership of certain firearms. I get it, I do, and I get incensed at the thought of some mealy mouthed politico deciding to decree that a right has been "rescinded".

Let me tell you why you better have more of an actual plan than this. Surviving a stack on your doorstep is probably not how this will go. Having MRAPS rolling down Maple St. hauling jackboots who have orders to search every house is probably in the realm of fiction. While I have no doubt that targeted strikes would happen, mass confiscation via door to door is simply too monumental a task.

 No, what will happen is that the penalties will be so heavy and the risk so great, people who do not turn weapons over to collection centers would simply be too afraid to ever let them see the light of day. A ban on owning semi auto rifles would not be as much about collecting them up as it would be about driving the use into the realm of contraband.

You will probably not be killed on the glorious field of battle facing the .mil or forces of evil......but you absolutely could be arrested and made an example because you slipped up and told someone you have a Bushmaster buried in the yard or a conscientious neighbor saw you carrying a blanket wrapped object to your barn that looked a lot like a rifle.

I really doubt that in the beginning there will be any battles. I believe it will be a further slip toward darkness, just like most other countries have seen, and people will simply be driven underground in their firearm ownership. We see this with the drug culture, we saw it with the bootleggers and we will see it with guns.

Where does this leave you?

Have you discussed with your spouse what you would do? Have you thought about it in detail? Have you any plan of action figured out beyond "I will not comply"?

I don't have any specific answers for your specific circumstances. There are just too many variables for anyone to offer specifics. What I will offer is that you need to have some absolutes already decided and that your loved ones should know and understand what they are. You should be building tribe with people who share your ideals and they should share your convictions and logistical plan.

There are plenty of other places where you can get ideas about action. Being a guerrilla is all fun and games until it's time to do guerrilla shit. I won't detail how to hang traitors from lamp posts here or how easy it is to ruin some local communist's mind with a quiet .22 solid. These things certainly will happen without any input from me. My point is that planning trumps simple reaction every time. Waiting around with Old Glory in one hand and your AK in the other is not a plan.

We are facing a dark future. One thing that is shown again and again is that people who disarm are at the whim of those who don't. You as a gun owner/prepper/survivalist have to come to grips with what you are willing to do (and not do) and what you are willing to endure to see that you hold to your decisions. Simply deciding to not comply is just the first step. Now the real hard decisions come.

I would love for you to comment and share your thoughts.

Tick Tock

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Kidd Rock Update

Yesterday I by chance saw that Ebay was having a sale by coupon code for 20% off. I seized the opportunity to order another Kidd barrel for the Kidd 22.

I went with the same .920 straight profile in matte stainless but with a shorter length of 16.5". I of course ordered it threaded and with the beautifully fitted Kidd thread protector.

Once this barrel arrives and I install it, I plan to take the 20" Kidd barrel I take off and have it machined and fitted to the Ruger American .22lr bolt action I have posted about here.

There is a gun smith in Michigan who specializes in this swap. He cuts the shank from the barrel, machines a new shank, cuts a new match chamber and extraction groove and fits it all together. There is yet no aftermarket barrels for the Ruger American Rimfire rifles.

I will have it machined to 16.5" and threaded too. A deadly accurate 22 or three will be a very useful thing, don't discount its utility. Easy to supress, easy to feed and penetrates very well with standard velocity solids.

I will post results once all this gets done.

Tick Tock

Friday, March 9, 2018

My Frij-a-rater Brings All The Tests By A Tard

And it's like, please fix me I'm warm....
(sung to the tune of that milkshake song)

My 15+ year old GE refrigerator gave ole Lawless quite the fright last night. I walked into the kitchen to fill my Yeti Knockoff 40oz tumbler (Ozark Trail FTW) with crushed ice and my naked foot went into some "used to be ice" on the floor.

Water! Oh Noes!

Soz I open the door to discover my ice is melting and freezer temp is about 40*.


OK, diagnosis man to the rescue. I mean I can fix anytang and have fixed anytang many times in tha past.... sometimes for more $ than if I'd called in a "pro", but what does that matter? A man has to be a man...

Part of being a self sufficient survivalist is being able to fix everything. You gotta dig into it, figure it out and fix it if possible.

I mean, I'm a Ham Radio guy, a 20 year Dealership tech, run my own home improvement business and make my own laundry detergent. I got dis.

Plugged in? Si.

So, compressor noise? None. No runny de Komprezzor.

Temp controls? Set on 8. Wiggled and jiggled.... no noises.

Now this particular icebox is elektronek in that a computer board controls about everything. I open up the cover and do what any man does in these situations.... I wacked on it with a screwdriver.

Still no noises.

At this point, I sound the alarm and Mrs. Lawless and I go into triage mode. Everything gets carted to the garage fridge which is the rusty white relic of the Reagan years we keep sodas and overflow bulk items in. Luckily, we recently decided to stop drinking diet Mt Dew..... again.... And it was pretty empty.

On to the interwebz.

Ok, there seems to be some confusion about GE frigerators in particular if they have the brain board and not mechanical controls. I read and read and read.

Seems the consensus is that it could possibly be....... Just about anything on the unit.

At this point, I began to call on the Lord to heal my ice box because He know Lawless cane't affort no dern new refrigerator rite now cause he been buying guns and ammo and stuff and those zombies ain't gon kill dey dang selfs.

We have about 8000 magnets all over the outside and several trees worth of pictures and papers, I silently wonder if all the magnets caused a wormhole that transported the appliance gremlins here from another dimension to attack my poor old GE.... a quick read about interdimensional gremlins sets me at ease. They don't use magnets to visit other dimensions....

Over and over I read about bad defrost thermostats. But, mine is neither freezing up, nor is it stuck in defrost mode.

I finally find a guy online that suggests that these do not work like most other brands. Seems the "defrost thermostat" is not actually a control, but a safety in these units to keep the defrost element from getting too hot if the brain board were to suffer an aneurysm or advanced old timers disease.

In most others, if the defrost thermostat sticks, the unit will either freeze up or the defrost mode will not turn off. I had neither of these issues. So I had not tested this thermostat which is more accurately called a limit switch.

I also read from this genius guy that the freezer circulation fan and the COMPRESSOR!!! will not run if this switch is open because the brain thinks that the defroster coil is at high temp and it is loathe to circulate warm air in the freezer.

So I unplug the fridge, I grabz me some wire cutters, take a moment to ask for for divine guidance and cut the wires going to the switch and then twist them together to simulate a good switch. It's either this switch, the brain has old timers or..... gasp.... the compressor is burned up.

I plug it in.

Compressor starts right up, circulation fan whirs to life and the crowd goes wild!

Lawless falls to his knees in reverence and has a moment of silence before dancing the mashed potato and that Saturday Night Fever number while listening to the sweet sounds of a working refrigerator.

I find the part on Ebay for 9 bucks shipped. I just leave the wires twisted together for now and go to bed.

I wake up to a cold freezer, cold refrigerator and happy wife.

I move stuff back to the refrigerator side but leave the freezer empty so when the switch arrives I can stick it together quickly without unloading it a again.

I contemplate life sitting here drinking my coffee and think how many people would have gone out this morning and dropped 2 grand on a new unit. I am glad for the interwebz, for some technical ability and for a God who loves Zombie Preparedness.

Monday, March 5, 2018

7oz. Of stability

Stability. Isn't that a nice concept? We all prefer things to be stable from our marriages to our shooting.

The .mil has issued and used the GPS Intl. Grip Pod forward grip/bipod for some time now. The Grip Pod is a vertical forward grip that with a button press becomes a very usable bipod.

These are extremely robust with stainless steel reinforced legs and rugged polymer body. They attach to any picatinny rail to give you a great hand stop and grip as well as provide a stable firing platform when prone or on any surface you rest your rifle on.

When I first became aware of these grips, I though wow that thing is hokey...  After an acquaintance convinced me to try one I was blown away. 

They are about an inch longer than some other full size forward grips, this causes me no problems in use nor does it seem to be in the way or catch on gear. The utility it provides is fantastic. 

I don't grip it like a bicycle handlebar but allow my fingers to wrap around it with my thumb resting along the handguard. It provides a handstop that is repeatable for training. 

I have been running one for a good while and recently bought 2 more, one for the wife's carbine and one for my SW-15 22lr trainer.

"But Lawless, why should I put this thing on my carbine? I don't even like grips up front. "

Let me tell you why. Try this, while wearing your plate carrier or chest rig along with your assault pack and weapon, sprint 100 yards and then flop down into prone and put some rounds on paper or steel at 200 yards. 

I don't care who you are or how long you have been shooting, you will do it faster and with better hits with a Grip Pod. Simply press the button and your bipod springs out into position and you can make your hits without seeing your pulse in your optic or sights or having a sight picture that looks like a scene from The Blaire Witch Project.

I find these on different forums as well as Ebay for as little as $30 for a well used military surplus model. The last one I scored was new in the wrapper for $49 shipped. Be aware fakes are everywhere. If it does not say GPS Systems Grip Pod on the side near the top, it isn't real. 

Every advantage you can afford that does not compromise the function of your weapon should be utilized so that when the time comes we can be as effective as possible. Separate bipods are not really something we can use in combat but the Grip Pod is a viable alternative. 

The GPS Grip Pod is a military proven and super durable addition to your rifle that makes hits under stress easier and more accurate. I have been sold on mine for a couple of years and I recommend you try one out as well. There are new versions out with extendable legs now as well as more streamlined appearance versions although I have seen neither on the surplus or used market.

Sharpen your Hatchet. 

Time is short

Tick Tock

Hang Together

While it is normal to have differences of opinion and to discuss and even argue about them, we better be able to put the nuances aside and understand who the enemy is.

We face a foe that will not stop until we stop it. 


I may not like the pesticide politics of my exterminator, but I can damn sure learn to kill bugs from him.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Barrel Length and Wicked Little Pills

My last post brought out some questions here and at WRSA about velocity in 16" barrels vs. 20". I am sure velocities will vary from gun to gun and specific loads used, but real deal NATO spec M193 runs about 3150 from 16" barrels. Federal in particular and Wolf Gold I have tested personally. Winchester Q3131 and some others seem to be lower pressure and consequently lower velocity.

This guy got similar results to my own.

This guy too

As well as G&A

The following I found interesting and it nicely written. It shows a loss of about 25fps per inch of barrel loss. While I realize it is a bolt gun and that a gas gun will run slightly slower the correlation is the same.

Also I realize that some folks only believe in 30 cal sticks and I say if you can shoot it as fast and as accurately as you can a 5.56 carbine, you are a blessed man and I commend you. Some just hate the AR platform, OK but don't base it on stories or experience from Vietnam. Things are very different from 1970.

John Mosby had this to say about that...

This conversation is not intended to instigate a debate on the merits of the Stoner platform versus anything else, nor is it intended to foment discussion on 5.56 versus 7.62. The first has been completely dispelled, in the realm of this blog at least, by the refusal of all those opposed on principle to Stoner’s design, to accept my standing challenge on the “Last Word” page. The second is simply not open to discussion here. I KNOW 5.56 kills people, dead. I know 7.62 kills people, dead. I choose 5.56 because it kills people, dead, plus I can carry more of it, meaning, when necessary, I can kill more people, dead. Additionally, because it has less felt recoil, I can kill them faster, because shot-to-shot recovery is faster. Are there guys out there that can recover from 7.62 as fast, or faster, than I can from 5.56? Perhaps, but those guys don’t need any advice on setting up their fighting rifle. Most guys can’t recover from 5.56 as fast as I can from 7.62. I choose 5.56 because it works, for me. I don’t moderate comments, but I WILL delete comments that hold no merit to the conversation, on this article, if the only thing you have to say is along the lines of “Stoner was stoned!” or “Mouseguns are for pussies!” –J.M.

High velocity rifle bullets, even .223 size, do incredible damage to flesh within the range they are effective. Fragmentation isn't a myth and under about 100 yards is pretty predictable with 55g NATO ammunition .

On zero, look use what makes sense to YOU. 

To all of those who are still pretty new to this stuff, first I would like to thank you for waking up and learning. It takes courage to begin to question reality as it is presented by pop-culture. Get out there and DO, don't just read. There is no experience like personal experience and seeing it for yourself from YOUR equipment will make you more confident and better prepared. 

Equipment isn't the only part of the equation, you are the multiplier and you are the part of the math that is not negotiable. PREP YOU as you get your preps straightened out. Don't just accept stuff you read, get out there and see for yourself.

Tick Tock.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hero Your Zero

Ahhhh, the combat AR carbine. Among AR lovers there exists a sort of balkanized hodge podge of factions and tribes. Some like this, others that. Arguments happen and sometimes friends part ways forever....OK I'm being a little dramatic.

 The beauty of the platform of course is that it can be whatever you desire. Long range paper killer to house clearing cannon, it can meet whatever mission you need inside it's inherent limits. It is modular and adaptable.

One recent discussion I was involved in was about zero. It seems that ideas abound and opinions vary (who knew?) About this topic. The thing is, no matter how you zero your carbine you need to understand its capabilities and limits.

Some like a 100 yard zero because that is how their 30-06 is set up. Some like the old 300 yard military zero. Some like the improved battle zero. Some have no idea.

To some of you, this will be rehashing basics, but I have encountered MANY new to this movement who do not know this stuff. Not knowing basics will get you killed.

The following is my opinion and I am not disparaging yours.

The vast majority of shots with a 5.56 carbine in a combat scenario are under 200 yards. Now I know Afghanistan had plenty beyond this, but it is the exception and not the rule.

For us civilians, the chance we would need to shoot at persons beyond 200 yards in a SHTF situation is pretty slim. The vast majority would probably be well under 100 yards, most likely under 50. Now, I know I'll get a comment from someone in Montana who has a 1000 yard line of sight from his porch. You are the exception brother and should probably be using .308 or Creedmoor.

*Edited to add* I know some consider the 5.56 to be a "poodle shooter". If you are one of the magical people who can shoot your .308 as fast and as accurately as a 5.56 and believe it sucks their souls out I am absolutely good with it. The point of the post here is not to say you're wrong, it is to help the new survivalist zero their carbine in a way that helps them be effective shooters.

The military has adopted the improved battle zero and it goes like this. You zero at 50 yards (your near zero) and your shot is back dead on at around 225 or so (your far zero). This can vary with barrel length and whether 55 or 62 grain but it is close enough for what we are discussing.

The above means simply, your shots are in a 4" circle from spitting distance to about 260 yards. No holding over required, center mass hold gets good hits.

Basically in theory, you are shooting in a 4" tube out to 2.5 football fields distance with no muss or fuss, just hits. Add in the less than MOA performance of most bulk mil-spec ammo and your likely less than solid rest and this zero gets you on a paper plate or so out to 200 or a little better. This is an EXCELLENT combat ready setup. If you can shoot paper plates standing at 250 yards with your heart pounding and bullets coming back your way, you are GTG. See why opening up your circle with a farther far zero is problematic? Your mid trajectory is very high, with other factors added it can cause misses under stress.

Open up the circle to a 6" minimum and you could zero at 44 yards, be back dead on at 260 and be in the circle to 300. To me this is the max.

The problem with the old 300 yard zero that the military used to use is that you end up about 5" high at around 175 yards and to me that ends up being just too much of a varying POI for a carbine that will be used closer, rather than further. A 300 yard zero means your bullets impact in about a 9" circle from close out to 350 yards. Add in the shakes, return fire and bulk ammo and you may now be shooting in a 15" or larger circle and that is simply too big.

In my mind it is simpler to use the 50\200 and know that at 300 yards I need to hold about 1\2 mil high, about 1 mil high at 350 and about 1.5 mils high at 400. Everything inside 250-260 is a dead hold.

You may decide on something else. That's OK. Just know how it works and understand how to utilize what you decide on. The military uses the 50\200 now and it has been proven as a solid concept.

I punched in some numbers to Strelok Ballistic Calculator and got the following. It assumes M193 55 grain in a 16" barrel.

The chart can show you what we're talking about here and what your holds with a mil based reticle will be to 500 yrds.

Of course, open sights and red dot optics work with this zero as well and will allow you to shoot about as far as you can unmagnified. With a magnified optic longer shots are as simple as using your reticle for holdover.

There are a good amount of BDC reticles out there for certain loads. I don't like them myself as you are locked into one load. Again, if you like it, great. Just know how to use it.

Get out there and get this stuff figured out while you can.

Tick Tock.